• Sample Dataset 1: Download
  • Esri’s Naperville Electric Network Dataset: Download

Two datasets are provided to assist with verifying the correctness of each submission, i.e., Sample Dataset 1 (comprised of 30 features) and Esri‘s Naperville Electric Network dataset (comprised of 15321 features). Each dataset contains a json file for constructing the network topology, a set of shapefiles for visualization, a sample starting points file, and a sample output file.

Each submission should consume the json file to construct the network topology and extract the controller information. The format of the json file for each sample dataset is as follows:

Figure 1
Figure 1: JSON Input File Format

Each json file contains the features for a single circuit or zone in the utility network. The point and line features as specified in the input of the problem may be extracted from the “rows” array. The global ID (e.g., viaGlobalId, fromGlobalId, and toGlobalId) is a unique identifier for each feature. Each item in “rows” lists the connectivity between a ‘from’ and a ‘to’ point. This connectivity should be assumed to be bidirectional. An example is shown below where the item in “rows” indicates that connectivity exists between connection point {68166019-ACD0-4F1F-985D-3662839E07D2} and connection point {DFB0008E-F20C-4745-9E73-A1D96E99FE4E} via low voltage line {422E6D62-F68E-4DDE-A3D1-F5466B6A136C}. Please note that a single line may span multiple points and thus appear in multiple items in “rows”. Connectivity may also exist between the same point feature (e.g., a connection between two terminals on the same device). The set of controllers from the input of the problem may be extracted from the “controllers” array.

Figure 1
Figure 2: Example “rows” entry from the JSON input file

Shapefiles are also provided with the sample dataset primarily to assist with visualization of the results. The shapefiles are optional and don’t have to be used. Shapefiles are provided for points (e.g., Device and Junction) and lines that comprise the utility network. The shapefiles also contain many other attributes and feature classes (e.g., assemblies and structures) related to electric network data outside the scope of this contest that may be interesting to explore.

In the sample dataset, the starting points file provides a list of the global IDs of the starting points. The global IDs may belong to both points and lines. The output file provides a list of the global IDs of the results. The global IDs of all points and lines in the result should be written to this file.